Frighteningly good tune

Woog Riots – Monstrous Monsters SWIT favs Woog Riots return with a super new single Monstrous Monsters. Electro pop perfection for your delectation Weekly YouTube Playlist Spotify 2017

forget your diets and feast on Woog Riots

Here’s the new single, Emma Momoka, from Woog Riot’s excellent 2016 platter – Alan Rushbridger. Appropriately The Woogs (?!!?) have an upcoming tour of Japan – Check the band’s website or their record company for more details ! SWIT Weekly YouTube Playlist – Week 2 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Playlist 2016

Interfew with: Woog Riots

Woog Riots are Silvana Battisti and Marc Herbert. The duo is based in Darmstadt (Germany). In March 2016 they released their 5th album “Alan Rusbridger”. Their career in pop music began in 2004 when they compiled and curated an international tribute sampler dedicated to Manchester’s indie icons “The Fall”. The double CD was released on…