SWIT Sounds Abound #2

Greetings from a very sunny Dublin! Here's our second SWIT Sounds Abound of 2018, a round-up of the best songs from our myriad subscriptions. 10 great tunes for all you loons. Everything added to our Best of 2018 lists as well. Scorchio. New Silver Girl – Phantom Ride (Soliti) Here is Helsinki’s New Silver Girl’s…

It’s that time of the year Hibernales

Hibernales – Que parezca una broma Another release of their lp Tu Casa, Mi Casa from Hibernales. I see that exactly a year ago I posted 2 tracks by these guys. I’m obviously still a fan as I didn’t recognise the name when I found this track today (sorry!). Here’s Que parezca una broma and…


Blacanova – Una Mujer Venezolana From forthcoming album “La Cabeza” due out in September here’s the first release from it – Una Mujer Venezolana. This just has the most beautiful feel to it. Lovely sounds from Seville courtesy of Blacanova and out via the always dependable El Genio Equivocado. Weekly YouTube Playlist 2017 Playlist

I hate to rabbit on but only Invisible Harvey can save us now

Invisible Harvey – La noche de fin de año somos arte funerario The weather is picking up in Dublin, Summer has arrived early and the coast is calling us out of the office blocks, bars, basements and boredellos. Here’s a sun-dappled, organ-driven, string-drenched tune – La noche de fin de año somos arte funerario by…

Murciano Totally brilliant

Murciano Total – Cencia 1 (Incertidumbre / No Sabes Nada Sobre Mí) We featured Murciano Total back in July last year , here they are again with another brilliant song and thought-provoking video. The tune “Cencia 1 (Incertidumbre / No Sabes Nada Sobre Mí)” (on El Genio Equivocado) translates as “Murciano Total – Cencia 1…

Cosmen Adelaida needs to be played ah.

Cosmen Adelaida- Contra la Pared 1st release from Madrid’s Cosmen Adelaida’s forthcoming lp Dos Caballos. Here’s the fab Contra la Pared. Massive tune. Out now on the always reliable El Genio Equivocado.

Do not adjust your TV this is another new Ghost Transmission

Ghost Transmission – Kill Your Mark We started February with Ghost Transmission from Valencia and we may as well play out with them also for what has been a stormy and turbulent month here on this small island. This is their new single “Kill Your Mark” which is a tribute to the golden age of…

Les Sueques take their melon head on tour

We stay in Barcelona for our second tune today – here’s “Res”, the rollicking, jangling, happy, sardonic, class new tune by Les Sueques on El Genio Equivocado. Hey, check out their brilliant video too – it’s a blast and just soooooo charming. Love it. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 6 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Playlist 2016

Do not adjust your radio this is a new Ghost Transmission

Ghost Transmission – Echoes Of You From Valencia, Spain (Beautiful city) This is the first release off forthcoming album “Echoes”, the second album from Ghost Transmission. “Echoes of You and the video is an ode to the palm trees and the sea”; Wonderful sound.Out now on El Genio Equivocado