I’m really warmed to Chile’s The Slow Voyage

The Slow Voyage – Look At Me From upcoming album Time Lapse released on 15th March, here’s Chile’s The Slow Voyage. They’ve found the perfect balance of noise and melody.I’m sharing album closer Look At Me cause I love the tune.It’s got a brilliant opening drum/guitar riff (class) and superb vocals. Check it out guys….

Pánico on the streets of Dublin

Pánico – Señales From Santiago, Chile but based in Paris,France, this is Gerry posting from Dublin,Ireland a fab track from Pánico called Señales. I’m thinking these guys have split up – but I may have that completely wrong. Defoe worth checking out the whole EP though. Laters.

They stole my pasties – they call them Los Nastys

Los Nastys – No Hay Amor En Las Calles (No Love On The Streets) Evil bastards. Filthy fuckers. Call them what you like, there’s no question that Los Nastys will live down to your expectations. This is No Hay Amor En Las Calles (There’s no love in the streets) on Nacional Records. There’s no love…

I’m in love with you In Love With You but also Sakura Sakura

Yumiyacchi ft Erika N – Sakura Sakura ( Stranded in Space) Here’s Sakura Sakura ( Stranded in Space) of the Ahegao EP from DJ and producer from Chile Yumiyacchi. Featuring wonderful vocals from Erika N. This is just a great record that I can’t stop listening to. And it’s my bed time. Weekly YouTube Playlist…

Close the windows Tom, It’s getting Chile in here

Outside The Circle – Intro From Valparaiso, Chile Here’s Outside The Circle AKA Cristian Pérez. Formed only last year this is the 1st track of his ep Zero Gravity entitled Intro and I love it. I hope you do too. Weekly Playlist Yearly Playlist