Tastier than cornetto is the new single from Cianeto

Cianeto – Rosto de Deus Some melodic punk/hardcore from Brazil’s Cianeto (Cyanide) and here’s Rosto de Deus (Face of God.) Inflammable Material was my favourite punk album growing up and elements of this remind me of those great tunes. Great track.

I wear my kimono for Murilo Sá & Grande Elenco

Murilo Sá & Grande Elenco Let us introduce you to Murilo Sá and his big band the Grand Elenco, they make a wonderful sound as evidenced by this pretty pretty cool psychedilc funk (funkadelic) number Modo Automático. Murilo hails from Salvador but lives in São Paulo, ain’t they lucky? SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 8 SWIT…

It’s the era of Giovani Cidreira

Here’s the ridiculously “on” sound of Brazilian superstar-in-the-making Giovani Cidreira with his ultrasweet new single “Vai Chover” (Balaclava Records). Nobody’s gonna rain on his parade! SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 7 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Playlist 2016