SWIT Sounds Abound #1

What with the number of submissions we’ve been getting via SSSH! we’ve been neglecting our other subscriptions to some extent so we are introducing an irregular new feature called “SWIT Sounds Abound” to bring you even more great Super World Indie Tunes. All the songs have been added to our Spotify and YouTube best of…

Best of 2017 Chapter 6

Hi Guys – here’s my next 10(ish) – a pretty varied and eclectic bunch of sounds but all excellent. Marietta (feat. Halo Maud) – Nos Ventres Nus – BORN BAD RECORDS Treehouse – Hammer on the Door – Bedroom Sucks Records The Would Be’s – Tempt Fate Blisterhead – Border Control FLUT – Sterne (official)…

Forever Pavot and tunes they’ve got

Forever Pavot – Le beefteak Opening track from the latest album by Forever Pavot- La Pantoufle here’s Le beefteak. Super track and I need to check these guys out some more.Ot now on Born Bad Records.In the meantime – COME ON IRELAND Weekly Playlist Spotify 2017

Nos Ventre Nus is a must

Marietta (feat. Halo Maud) – Nos Ventres Nus Okay this one’s simple. Possibly my favourite tune of 2017 so far. It’s from Marietta and it features a turn from Halo Maud. 100 SWITS out of 100. Off new album La Passagere which is out now on Born Bad Records. Weekly Playlist 2017 Spotify Playlist

My love’s a gonna grow and grow for François Virot

François Virot – Doing It Now Get down to the heavy heavy monster sound of “Doing It Now” by Lyon’s François Virot, the new single from the Marginal Spots LP (Born Bad Records). Hey, it’s a beautiful malady, wrapped in electric fuzz and served with a sardonic smile. I’m sure it’s a smile. SWIT YouTube…

Lonely Walk talk the talk

Lonely Walk – Complaints This is one of the finest tunes I’ve heard thus far in 2017, it’s a distorted, dangerously controlled beauty. Bordeaux’s Lonely Walk won’t be lonely for long if they keep producing gems like this. I certainly have no complaints. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 8 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Playlist 2016