I wonder does he use a Roland, Rat Columns?

Rat Columns – Dream Tonight Stunning track from Rat Columns latest lp Candle Power. Here’s Dream Tonight. Out now on Upset The Rhythm. Weekly Playlist 2017 Spotify List

Party Fears Two

Party Fears – Rep We love it when artists get in touch with us at SWIT especially if they’re carrying tunes the calibre of this one from Party Fears. This is the 2nd single of their self titled debut album and it’s a cracker. To be honest you need to check out the whole album….

It’s not without its knockers here’s Hammer on the Door

Treehouse – Hammer on the Door Off their recent excellent Centre of Their World EP (sill never sure if prepositions or other anchoring words should be lowercased) this is the fantastic Hammer on the Door from Hobart’s Treehouse. I could listen to these guys all day, in fact I think I will. It’s 21 Degrees…

It’s ODD that I haven’t posted this already

ODD – Wake ft. Kate Woodhouse We love it when people get in touch and that’s just what ODD did. And we’re glad he did as this track from his latest ep Without is pretty special. See for yourself! Weekly YouTube Playlist Yearly Playlist

Hachiku (gesundheit) – Not to be sneezed at.

Hachiku – Moonface & Zombie Slayer Well I’m probably going to break the internet pulling this stunt – but I’m posting two different tunes from the marvellous new self-titled EP from Hachiku AKA singer/songwriter Anika Ostendorf. See I found a track on YouTube called Moonface and I loved it. So then I went to add…

Darkness Nurtures Michael P Cullen & The Soul Searchers

Michael P Cullen & The Soul Searchers – Black Dog (Live) “Well you’re telling me you’re free spirited and stuff like that” Yeah, we’ve all been there, let’s face it honey we’re not here for the conversation. This is an immaculate live performance of “Black Dog” by Michael and the Soul Searchers. The band are…

Melbourne to be wild: The Pink Tiles

Here’s The Pink Tiles from Melbourne with For Tomorrow off recent lp #1 Fan. Great tunes,great band,great scott. Weekly Playlist Spotify 2017 Playlist

Does your dog have a sore throat? No, he’s just a little Husky

Husky – Ghost After last night’s left-field musings we go straight back to the centre with this stunning pop tune – “Ghost” by Melbourn’s Husky, the second single off their forthcoming album PUNCHBUZZ (on Liberation Music). To say it’s immediately catchy is like a total understatement dude, it’s got hooks, it hits me with a…

They write great ditties, they’re Crystal Cities*

Crystal Cities – Who’s Gonna Save Us Now Who’s Gonna Save Us Now by Crystal Cities is pretty ambition for a debut, I mean it’s a big song, like the big music way back when from the likes of The Waterboys circa Whole Of The Moon, not that it sounds like them but this is…

You’ll be Walkin’ Around with this in your head

Jade Imagine Walkin’ Around This is the excellent Walkin’ around from the Debut EP “What The Fuck Was I Thinking” By Jade Imagine, due 28 April 2017 thru Milk! Records. It’s got the tune and the sound. Love it. Weekly Playlist 2017 SWIT List

These Guy write tunes you should buy

Loving this track Hey, What’s The Big Deal?, the second single from Brisbane’s These Guy’s second LP, “WHO IS IT?” out now. Check it all out.  

We get that Spring Feeling with Toby Martin

Toby’s rather splendid new album “Songs from Northam Avenue” was just released today (17022107). We posted his fine single “Spring Feeling” back in November and he featured in our best of 2016, the record certainly lives up to promise of that song. He said of the new LP “I wrote these songs in people’s front…