The Week 14052017: The 14 best tracks from the last 7 days.

Hard-boiled is my middle name and you know what they say “hard-boiled by name, hard-boiled by nature”. Never a truer word. I loved eggs. I mean prepared in all kinds of ways, scrambled, fried, poached, it didn’t really matter. I’ll see your white, raise you a yolk and double it. It wasn’t really a surprise…

Now, Andy Svarthol did you hear about this one?

Andy Svarthol – Tímafrekja Andy Svarthol is an experimenal noise/dream pop band from Reykjavík, Iceland. The band was founded in 2015 and consists of brothers Egill and Bjarki Viðarsson. This is their latest release the wonderful Tímafrekja YouTube Weekly Playlist SWIT Playlist 2017