forget your diets and feast on Woog Riots

Here’s the new single, Emma Momoka, from Woog Riot’s excellent 2016 platter – Alan Rushbridger. Appropriately The Woogs (?!!?) have an upcoming tour of Japan – Check the band’s website or their record company for more details ! SWIT Weekly YouTube Playlist – Week 2 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Playlist 2016

Don’t stop the dance: Los Valses

We return to La Plata ,Argentina for two beautiful songs by Los Valses – Here’s “Corazón Ioreal” & “Ciencia cierta” from their new self-titled LP.  Have a lovely evening folks.

It’s Monday man, you remember those great time we had on Sundayman?

Here’s the new single – “Alive” from Sundayman’s new LP “Scene Missing” on Inner Ear Records. It won SWIT’s Long Player of the week not so long ago and rightly so. Also, from 2015, it’s this rather wonderful collaboration with SWIT favourite Sarah P. – “On The Run”. Not bad for a Monday, not bad…

Ciudad de los sauces

Here are two tracks from the excellent new LP “Saltamos al abismo” by La Plata’s Ciudad de los sauces. Saltamos al abismo translates as “We jump into the abyss” which sounds like great crack altogether. I mean it’s not even Monday morning. Give this band a spin if you like your indie dark and melodic…

Let’s go à la carte with Band Aparte

2 cracking tracks from LA’s Band Aparte – Their debut LP, Memory on Trial, is out now on Manifesto Records. Sensational, they certainly are a band apart (?????) Band Aparte – Cherry Chapstick & Into The Window

I was touched by your presence dear: Tasseomancy

Tasseomancy is the musical project of sisters Sari and Romy Lightman. The band have developed a unique sound that combines that crazy with this brilliance of melody and Roxy Music Sirens and actual real sirens and police sirens. They have released and are set to release and here are two releases. I think they’re Canadian…

What’s the word? Sharon Lazibyrd.

Here’s “What time is later?” – the new single from Somerset-based singer-songwriter Sharon Lazibyrd. The song that considers the meaning of time and its passing, it was inspired by Sharon’s daughter asking her the question at Purbeck Folk Festival. We also include here “Not Blue”. Sharon have a beautiful voice and is obviously a very…