Who’s gonna drive you home?

“Where are we?”

“Where? I’m not sure. I’ve been here for a long time, a long time Brick. They told me you would be coming. They’ve been waiting for you.”


“I think you’ve met them already. I’m sure you have. I heard them talking, they said you got away. They said you wouldn’t get away again.”

“How did you get here?”

“I got shot. I was killed.”


“Well, I’m not sure murder would be appropriate. I did a lot of bad things. I’ve developed quite a taste for bad things. I was running away.”

He stares at me. Hard to read intent in glass eyes but the way his tongue is lolling, well I think he’s got some bad things in mind for me.

“The police, or to be more specific, Chief Inspector McGivney.”

“McGivney, McGivney?…………………………am I….am… dead?

“You’ve been dead for years Brick.”

“So, Sarah, what are you thinking about us Spanish boys?”

“Tomas, we’re going the wrong bleedin’ way. We need to turn around, I need to get back to Dublin.”

The men speak in Spanish, ignoring her.

“Did I say Dublin, I meant Galway, it is confusing here, and the names are difficult for
me. In any case we can spend the night together in Dublin in Galway, it makes no difference where this bed is, no?”

The two men start to laugh, Tomas puts his hand on Sarah’s leg and begins to push it up under her skirt. Sarah turns slowly to face him as if to kiss, he turns towards her as well, and then she head-butts him, breaking his nose. As she pulls back his face is covered in blood. The car swerves up onto the ditch, spins violently and ends up facing in the opposite direction, somehow Tomas manages to keep it on the road, just about. He’s in shock, trying not to crash into a wall, a lake, a sheep, a tree. Sarah grabs his bollocks and starts to squeeze his balls hard. He’s in pain. A lot of pain – trying desperately to keep the vehicle under control. Joaquin is shouting, he grabs Sarah from behind, trying to strangle her. College boys in trouble, wouldn’t you say.

“Get off me you fucking pig or I will fucking kill you.”

Sarah reaches into her bag as they struggle and pulls out a gun, managing to elbow Joaquin away, she turns and slams the barrel into his face and knocks him unconscious. She then trains the weapon on Tomas.

Night falling. Night falling, Fog rising up from the bog. They’re out there, watching. Have no doubt.

“Calm down or I am going to shoot you in the fucking mouth right now. Stop crying you fucking baby. Now you are going to pull over in a minute and you are going to let me out of the car and you are going to drive away and if I ever see you again you’ll wish I fucking hadn’t – is that very clear?”

”Si, yes, please…” Sarah hits him again. To be sure.

“Shut up dickbrains, pull over now.”

The car pulls over. Sarah emerges. The driver’s window is covered in his blood. Sarah watches as the car drives away, leaving her on the side of the dark, alone with the spirits. She lights a cigarette and it illuminates her face, her eye is bruising and her hair and makeup are a mess. Sarah sets off in the opposite direction to the car.

“Great, what the fuck do I do now?”

McGivney’s sat at the bar in The Oval, nursing a pint and a whiskey. Tooler rolls in.

“What are you doing here?”

“She never showed Boss, I waited an hour.Brick’s gone again too.”

“The music of chance is playing our tune Tooler.” He knocks back the drink. “Come on baby, we’re hitting the road.”