I know you’re gonna dig Your House by Mary Anne’s Polar Rig.

Your House by Mary Anne’s Polar Rig has more hooks in it than most bands have in their career. Hailing from Malmö, Sweden this is the 1st track from their forthcoming debut album – Makes You Happy.

The band consist of

Malin Hofvander Singer
Harald Ingvarsson Guitar
Jesper Olsson Bass
Philip Lindskog Drums

Mary Anne's Polar Rig

Single is out on September 9th 2020 via Feverish

Looking forward to hearing more from them

The video is pretty fantastic too filmed by Oskar Rydlinger and edited by Ebba Gustafsson Ågre. Lots of talent on offer here

10 SWITS out of 10

Best of SWIT on YouTube

Best of SWIT on Spotify

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