Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Alec Danger is a top tune arranger

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 29.05.2020: Alec Danger – “Ghost Notes”.

We’ve had Mr. Alec Danger on here before and I’m delighted to feature one of his brand new creatures. It’s called “Ghost Notes”. Great title innit? We’ve all been there….the broken heart, writing a classic in the attic, the attic of love now lost 😦 . On the other hand, has heartbreak ever sounds so good? “Ghost Notes” is a super catchy melodic electro-masterclass…sure it’s suffused with sorrow but with an undeniable pull to the dancefloor. Yes you are groovin’ mofo!

And I’m calling this as the lyric of the year “Coming in from the acid rain. Entering your tropical cave..” I’ll say no more.

We’ll be featuring Alec again next week! This man has the tunes that play my spoons.

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