Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Hey Honey Heaven is a Violet gem.


Super World Indie Tune Of The Day -23.04.2020. Violet Cheri – Hey Honey Heaven.

This is the song I wanted to write when I was twenty. Now thirty-odd (some say very odd) years later here it is. “Hey Honey Heaven”, from Stockholm’s Violet Cheri, is a tune that shoots for the moon and hits the target. It’s a delightful pop song, with strikingly original vocals courtesy of frontman Daniel Hoff. I love the melody, the lo-fi ambiance, the celebration of weird youth, love and spending summers dressed in black. The song really takes flight around 1.35, rising to a majestic crescendo. Think The Beach Boys if they’d never seen the sea, backed up by the Go-Betweens, with lyrics provided by JAMC. These lads are happy when it rains. Their first time on SWIT, won’t be the last.

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