Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: It’s a premiere of “Clever” by Smiling.


Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 07.04.2020: Smiling – “Clever”.

We are delighted to premiere “Clever” by Smiling. The single is out tomorrow on Feverish. That is followed swiftly by LP “Politely”, released May 8.

“I guess Clever is mostly about that great feeling of total hubris you get sometimes being a culture practitioner. You know when you feel like the world’s greatest genius? And it’s also about realizing that the truth actually is the opposite. That you’re average at most. Or somewhere in between? I have no clue. Therefore the song.”
-Johan Hansson Liljeberg, frontman Smiling

Clever is also low-slung, laid-back and archly knowing. Rough around the edges with a melody to die for, “Clever” is above all things a brilliant tune, beautifully accentuated by Johan’s smokey vocals and the resonant guitars. Yeah it’s kinda shonky and it’s kinda beautiful and we kinda love it.

Johan Hansson Liljeberg’s solo project Smiling started late 2018 as a recording project with the cliché purpose of keeping Johan distracted after a breakup. A cassette recorder, a rehearsal space in Malmö and a bunch of emotions became the foundation for the project and Smiling started to take shape. Nowadays Johan takes help from Arvid Ingvarsson, who is also part of Smiling’s live setup, to record as often as possible. “The goal is basically to have the project as some kind of diary where I can record stuff based on what I experience or feel as honest as I can”. Johan explains.

Everybody’s clever nowadays.

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