Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Ocelot wildy

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 01.04.2020: Ocelot – “Perhosia”

Butterflies eh? The look cute from far away but get up close and they’re kind of creepy. There’s a butterfly farm near us here and when my daughter was younger we visited and one of those huge blue and brown ones (Menelaus blue morpho) landed on her head and my wife shouted “GET OFF MY BABY!!!”.

I was reminded of that story when I was listening to the excellent new track “Perhosia” from Helsinki’s Ocelot. I love the stand-up piano intro, the lala la las, the high pitched vocals and the delicious melody. It all builds to an fantastic climax and then…it’s gone!

‘Perhosia’ is a short song about counting butterflies (perhosia). There seems to be four butterflies. The song is also about other things”

I’ve been advised to watch the stylish video carefully as there is more going on than meets the eye – I have yet to discover what that might be, perhaps I need glasses. Anyways it’s a pleasure to watch on repeat.

The song is released on Friday via Soliti.

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Photo by Photo by Emilia Pennanen and Linda Lehtovirta

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