SWIT Album of the Month(year,decade) – A Compilation Of Japanese Indie Music – Minna Miteru

Well hello there – long time no SWIT (for me) Anything mad happened since I last posted in 2019?? IT’S ALL A BIT NUTS ISN’T IT?

Anyway this amazing compilation of Japanese Indie Music from Morr Music in collaboration with the peerless Markus Acher’s Alien Transistor label is a perfect antidote to all the crap going on at the moment. He tells us…….

“In 2018 I was sitting in the Tenniscoats’ kitchen with beer and music, looking at Ueno’s wonderful risograph songbook ‘Minna Miteru’ (Everybody Watch) which collects the lyrics and chords of their friends’ songs alongside his own illustrations, when Saya suggested putting together a compilation of these and other songs for our label. I couldn’t have been happier, this sounded like a dream to me.”

It’s a dream to listen to as-well I can tell you

So far standout tracks for me include

Party On A Floating Cake

嶺川貴子&ダスティン·ウォング / Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong

風の浜辺 / Windy Shores

平野剛 / Go Hirano

and the pretty excellent

しろいもの / Shiroimono

テニスコーツ & yumbo / Tenniscoats & yumbo

Out 1st May 2020 on Morr Music. What MORR could you ask for?

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