Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: It’s another top banana from KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 30.03.2020: KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA – “Young Again”

The hits keep on coming. Today we are delighted to make “Young Again”, by SWIT favs KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA, our TUNE OF THE DAY. Icy nostalgia permeates Deniz’s vocals, the song unravels along pulsating synths lines, locomotive percussion and shimmering guitars. Of course it’s as immediate and catchy as anything they’ve done before, if not more so. I imagine driving around an animated Grand Theft Auto Hamburg at night while “Young Again” plays on my in-car entertainment system. It’s winter, the streets are frozen and empty apart from the sodium glare of streetlights. Anyway, enough about me 🙂

Deniz explains what the song is actually about – “Young Again reminisces about youth and the time when anxiety, overthinking and unhealthy relationships were holding you down. Memories might be dark and painful, but you realize how strong you emerged from the experience – with that bittersweet understanding that you’ll never be young again.”

The startling vid is directed by none other than Ebba G. Ågren of Wy, another of SWIT’s long time crushes!

“Young Again” is out now on Italians Do It Better ans will be followed by an LP later in the year. Yes!

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