Super World Indie Tunes Of The Day: Sunshine on a rainy day

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 25.03.2020: Gdeto – What Will Take Away the Pain Sunshine

This is the second (I think) release from Gdeto, the solo project of CHKBNS Aneliya Avtandilova. The four tracks here are wonderfully atmospheric, fragments from a dream. The expansive songs are full of echoing vocals, tremulous pianos, whispers, memories, children’s voices and a myriad of other elements. The guitars suggest deserts, borderlands, the places in-between. The overall effect is mesmerising and makes for one of the finest records I’ve heard this year and believe me I’ve heard a lot, A LOT!!!

Track Listing

0:00 – What Will Take Away the Pain Sunshine
1:32 – Tomorrow We’ll
4:02 – Your Possible Bird-shapes
5:56 – Please Choreograph a Piece For Me That Involves No Dancing (feat. Olga Shcherbakova)

Here’s a self-interview that Aneliya conducted which is both funny and insightful.

Best of SWIT on YouTube

Best of SWIT on Spotify

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