Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Every thing is looking up

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 24.03.2020: Spirit Fest – “Zenbu Honto (Every Thing Is Everything)”.

Zenbu Honto (Every Thing Is Everything) is from SWIT favs Spirit Fest’s forthcoming LP “Mirage Mirage” – out May 15 on the inimitable Morr Music. This is another dreamy, joyful, uplifting tune from the avant-supergroup. As they grow together so does the music, the sound is deeper, more complex and gains a patina of experiences shared together. The multiple layers of sound weave into an irresistible patchwork.

Markus says, “This record is a lot about relationships, from different perspectives, about wondrous things that happen to everybody sometimes, about shared experiences (like the snow falling on everyone). I think of summer when I listen to it, because we recorded in summer, but more like a long sleepless summer night with lots of talking and music… A psychedelic feeling.” More please.

Best of SWIT on YouTube

Best of SWIT on Spotify

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