Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: What’s your favourite planet Janet?

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 03.02.2020: Jirapah – “Planetarium”.

Ah there was this thing, like I was stuck on the train tonight on Monday on the way home from work and I was lashing into Irish Rail on Twitter and my wife texted me and said chill the fuck out and enjoy your unexpected unavailability. Even Robert Mulhern was egging me on but I took her advice and swept back through my subsciptions as I sat on a broken locomitive outside of Park West ands Cherry Orchard (sounds lovely doesn’t it but it’s actually a kip). So here have a listen to this. I spent a few months with my little baby boy strapped to my belly becuase it was the only way he would sleep and I trawled YouTube for cool music and Kolibri Rekords was easy enough to find and I’m glad I did because “Planetarium” by Jirapah is quite fucking exceptionallly brilliant and the video well BOOM and WHOOSH. YES. Wonderful.

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