You have to take a loch at this

River into Lake – Devil’s Hand

Okay so the album cover freaks me out as I’ve an Indiana Jones-esque snake thing going on but that’s where any negativity towards this mammoth release ends.River Into Lake is the brainchild of Belgian composer Boris Gronemberger. Jonas Wolter from Teleskop, Leipzig described it as “A unique sound of orchestral pop, synths, chanson and postrock”. I can only add reference points – Talk Talk and the massively underrated Secret Machines come to mind if only for sheer excellence in songwriting ambition. The album is called Let The Beast Out, is out now on Humpty Dumpty Records and I give it 14 SWITS out of 14. Here’s a current fav from it Devil’s Hand “Facing waves, facing mountains,facing you, facing me, carry on………” Love it

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