Donat ignore this new track from Vlimmer.

SWIT PREMIERE – Vlimmer – Rasenstarre – SWIT PREMIERE

SWIT’s honoured to be premiering this new track from muti-talented/faceted Alexander Leonard Donat returning with his Vlimmer project and this irresistible slice of dark indie pop – Rasenstarre. Wonderfully chorused guitars,infectious vocal melody and just when you’re thinking “that’s a nice slice of 80’s inspired Banshee-esque tunefulness” you get whacked across the head with a fab electronic break. This is off forthcoming EP Vlimmer – VIIIII due out next Friday – November 29th. (I’ve had the pleasure of listening to an early preview of the EP and it’s stunning. ) Check out Blackjack Illuminist Records for the previous 14 EPs (this is a run of 18!) and other great releases.

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