Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Someone, somewhere in the summertime.

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 14.08.2019: “Pinku” by Someone Who Isn’t Me.

How did I miss this earlier in the summer? Delighted to have belatedly discovered this video from one of my very favourite bands!

“Pinku” (from 2019 LP “Dance With You”/Amour Records) is another brilliant song by Someone Who Isn’t Me. Playful, irreverent and displaying a harder edge than previous releases, the song has an ominous undercurrent, it reeks of obsession and perhaps even a little desperation. I love the nod to the glistening electro-pop-disco of the eighties. Yes, I’m old enough to remember.

The magnificent video by Katri Vanhatalo comprises contemporary portraits of 5 Biblical Female Figures: Jezebel, Lilith, Virgin Mary, Salome and Delilah and is wildly appealing to my inner lapsed-Catholic. The film interprets these legendary women with wry wit, compassion, and even a little she-devilry. Classic!

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