Super World Indie EP Of The Week: Highest Sea make waves

Berlin-based Highest Sea are Leila Zanzibar (vocals/guitar), Andreas Miranda (bass), Cristobal Jimenez van Cauwelaert (lead guitar) and Theo Taylor / Martin Perret (drums).

Haven (Duchess Box Records) is a beautiful piece of work. The band’s evolution to a 4 piece has given new depth to the sound, adding a lush sweep to the melancholy, evoking a grandeur that is fitting indeed. We already featured “I’m On The Moon” some time back (The tune, a dreamlike echo-chamber of dark guitar and languorous vocals, comes across like music from a lost David Lynch classic) and I think follow-up single “Hudson River” might be even better.

It’s a slow-burn, velvet-clad classic, there’s even a touch of a Lou Reed drawl to Leila’s vocals on this I reckon, that NYC man in the song and the striking video (by Leïla and Theo). There’s a VU edge to the overall sound of the record too. The rest of the songs are no slouches either, there’s some lovely sax on Amber City for example. The more you listen the more you are entranced. Top marks!

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