Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Just Friends And Lovers are more tuneful than plovers

Super World Indie Tune Of the Day 12.07.2019: “Mole Rodel” by Just Friends And Lovers.

Good afternoon, speaking of role models, which we will be, Gerry is away in the arse end of Cork and has left me the keys to the drinks cabinet. As I sip here sitting a delicious glass of Grüner Veltliner out on the TWIT Sowers balcony I think it’s sair to fay that I may have over-indulged. Never mind! Because I am spinning the delightful new single from Graz’s Just Friends And Lovers. Lo-fi, edgy, arthouse, discordant, arch and deadpan are all applicable to “Role Model”. Oh aye it’s damn catchy as well. The split-screen juxtapositioning video is cretty pool too. Welcome back JFAL (our pet name for then) – we missed you! This remarkable tune is from their new LP “Her Most Criminal Crimes” just out on half Cut Surface. Now, off to watch the Wombles at Wimbledon, time for a PIMMS methinks. Into the pink.

SWIT YouTube 2019

Photography by Andi Dvořák

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