Super World Indie EP Of The Week: Stars On Fire are on fire

Super World Indie EP Of The Week – 4/7/2019: “blue skies above” by Stars On Fire.

I grew up musically during the late seventies/early eighties and was a huge fan of a plethora of punk and new wave bands. There was nothing I liked better then than short, lo-fi, messy tunes. Songs that said ‘allo, kicked you in the bollocks and didn’t outstay their welcome. Guess what? There’s still nothing I like better so that’s why I am delighted with the new EP by Stars On Fire, called “blue skies above”.

It’s almost like Cristoph Mark doesn’t want you to know what a fine, fine guitarist he is. Everything is tuned a little bit discordant, the vocals are the epitome of reticence, buried down in the beautifully scuzzy mix. Oh and the melodies, the pure indie pop melodies, they’re all present and correct too, but of course, they don’t give you the come-on – you need them much more than they need you. I love the way “model” just ends – like I’m done, I’m outta here. “snowblind” is a shambolic delight, they’re all delightful. I don’t know why, but I keep imagining a drunk Lloyd Cole seizing control of Felt for an hour or two. Yeah, it’s actually that good.

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