Super World Indie Tune Of The Day – Tennis Club deserve a big break.

Super World Indie Tune Of the Day 15.06.2019: ” Vodkas” by Tennis Club.

Anette rushed into the office, brandishing a pink LP in the air. “What the deuce is that?” I exclaimed. She whacked it onto the turntable and replied: “It’s the new disc from Tennis Club, it’s ace”. As the first bars of “Vodkas” filtered from the speakers, I had to agree “That’s a beautiful racquet” I admitted. “Rather a backhanded compliment?” sez Anette. “No no, I love all the tracks on this record, this record called “Pink” (rather coincidentally). The great advantage of working here is you get to hear so much wonderful music. “Let’s make Vodkas our tune of the day” I hinted, “Oh, and what are you serving for lunch?” – “Why, Double Bagels of course” she replied.

“Pink” is a short, sharp volley of deliciously nostalgic, bubblegum pop and it’s out now on Elefant Records. Game, set and match to Tennis Club.

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