Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: The Blue Herons are at their beak.

Super World Indie Tune Of the Day 11.06.2019: “The Way You Look At Me” by The Blue Herons (feat. Krissy Vanderwoude).

Hello Switters, check out the very lovely new single from The Blue Herons with the added vocal stylings of SWIT-fav Krissy Vanderwoude. “The Way You Look At Me” is an impressively ethereal, summer soundscape – a hazy, shimmering wall of sound built around some of the most delightful, Sundays-alike guitars I’ve heard. I love the way Krissy’s vocals are down the mix a little, accentuating the dreamlike quality of the song. Marty Willson-Piper of The Church contributed additional guitars, which is the delicious icing on the cake. It’s just the vibe of the whole thing….it’s the vibe and ah, no that’s it. It’s the vibe. I rest my case.

Oh we will be doing a Q&A with Krissy and Andy from the band so look out for that over the next couple of weeks. Super!

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