Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Ex_Ordinary is Extra_Ordinary

Super World Indie Tune Of the Day 06.06.2019: “Ex_Ordinary (808 Version)” by Xavier Boyer.

Hello! Well, yesterday’s tune by Le SuperHomard led me to today’s. I noted that Xavier Boyer has a new LP out called “Owner’s Manual”. It’s a collection of previously unreleased tracks, b-sides, and remixes. It’s pretty dame fine, a little bit more experimental than typical Tahiti 80 and loads of fun. My current favourite is Ex-Ordinary (808 Version), a remix done with Ricky Hollywood of one of the standout tracks from Xavier’s last solo LP, “Some/Any/New”. The new version ups the electronic component both in speed and content, changing the atmosphere and compacting the sound in a most pleasing way (um…that makes sense to me anyway). It pushes the song in the direction of The Postal Service or even The Flaming Lips. Love it. The record overall is an unexpected delight, check Kraut Founding for example, crazy title, crazy tune 🙂

Oh here’s the original version also

SWIT YouTube 2019

SWIT Spotify 2019

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