Super World Indie Dune Of The Day

Super World Indie Tune Of the Day 24.05.2019: “Dust In My Eyes” by Desert Souls.

We are delighted and excited to bring you the first release from Desert Souls, a band new to Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten. Whilst listening to “Dust In My Eyes” think Beau Geste crossed with early Cure. The song is a raw, heady brew of rollicking beats, wiry, stripped-backed guitar, and massed backing vocals. Sublime!

“Dust In My Eyes” was filmed and recorded at the “Kegelbahnkonzerte”, Provino Club in Augsburg, a live-session series for local bands. The group will release a Mini-LP “Back To The Coast” in October.

SWIT YouTube 2019

Foto by Frederik Jehle from The BV’s.

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