Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Angela Aux makes a Good Friday a Great Friday


Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 19.04.2019 Angela Aux – Killer Kid

Hey y’all ya’ll how do you make a Good Friday great? Why by listening to Angela Aux of course. Dopes.

We’re delighted that SWIT fav Angela Aux has returned with this trademark new song “Killer Kid”. It’s a lo-lo-fi, faux-Americana beauty, it’s introspection to perfection, this man writes tunes to live for.

Heiner Hendrix (for it is he) says “Couldn’t sleep the other night, got up and sat down on the kitchen floor to watch the stars through the window. Made me calm and mellow. After a while I could take the sleepless night as a gift. Words would arise and a few minutes later I fetched my guitar and started to strum a simple chord pattern. Recorded the demo on the Kaleidoloop and finished the song the day after. When I listen to it now it’s like a message I should have told myself a long time before, but I guess it still was the right moment anyhow.”

“Killer Kid” is from new LP “In Love With The Demons” out on Trikont on the 10th of May. I am two weeks late posting it, time slips way from me these days, these days.

SWIT YouTube 2019

SWIT Spotify 2019

Additional recordings:

Maria Moling (drums)
Peter Pazmandi (saxophone)
Cico Beck (piano, synths)
Sam Irl (synths)
Micha Acher (brass section)
Sebastian Weiss-Laughton (cuts)
Matthias Lindermayer (trumpet)
Marcus Grassl (harp)
Nico Sierig (piano, drums, violine, synths)

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