Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: It’s adventure time with Land Of Ooo

Land Of Ooo – Fight Against Ceiling Vents. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day – 08.02.2019

Hello SWIT lovers! Well, today’s tune is a modern take on something like Kate Crackernuts* (could she be the modern feminist hero we’ve all been looking for?) or even The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Being a wee bit confused by the song title “Fight Against Ceiling Vents” (Numavi)I decided to ask that band what it could all actually mean. And they said “Basically, the video is a collage of old archive footage of “Internet Archive”, compiled by the Viennese multimedia artist Fazo [I think we busted some of these moves back in the day G]. The story told by the subtitles takes the viewer into a mysterious world that you can only escape in one way or another – dancing. But as soon as you enter the dancefloor, you lose sight of the goal. Suddenly, only showoffs and dance moves are in the foreground. A kind of fight against each other, so that breaking out seems impossible. Like being trapped in the midst of the entertainment industry that you can not escape unless you entertain more extensively and better than your fellow human beings. For however individual one may move, one only is a small fish in a huge ocean of fish, each of which dominates its own dance style. Anyone who senses a competition here can only lose – just like a fight against a ceiling vent.”

So, I was following that until the last line “just like a fight against a ceiling vent.” I’ve never fought a ceiling vent, in fact where I grew up you were lucky to have a ceiling, never mind a vent! How and ever I’m interpreting it “as pissing into the wind come back at you twice as hard”. And ultimately it doesn’t matter because what does matter is how brilliant the song is. Lo-fi dreamy, with some extraordinary catchy rollicking guitar, it picks you up and spins you round in its hazy embrace and the Ooo harmonies are just so good. People! Point me to your ceiling vent and I will fuck it up. We are outta here. Friday is fish day in our town and in my opinion, Land Of Ooo is the biggest fish around.

So the band are Nora, Leonie, Julian – a new Indie/Noisepop band from Graz/Austria. They’re doing a tour of Germany and The Czech Republic in the next couple of weeks – here are the dates

15.2. Wien/ @Venster99
16.2. Kroměříž/ @DasLiga Headquarter
17.2. Veselí nad Moravou/ secret show
18.2. Praha/ @Café Club Míšeňská
19.2. Ger/NEED HELP
20.2.Halle / @Pierre Grasse
21.2. Leipzig/ @Pracht
22.2. Chemnitz / @LESECAFE odradek
23.2. České Budějovice/tba

*”Kate Crackernuts” (or “Katie Crackernuts”) is a Scottish fairy tale collected by Andrew Lang in the Orkney Islands and published in Longman’s Magazine in 1889. Joseph Jacobs edited and republished the tale in his English Fairy Tales (1890). The tale is about a princess who rescues her beautiful sister from an evil enchantment and a prince from a wasting sickness caused by dancing nightly with the fairies.

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