SWIT’s Super 70 – The Best of 2018 Chapter 6

We are getting close to the end. I’ve had a few glasses of wine and the year is drawing to a close. I’m delighted to share another batch of tunes with you, these bands/artists are all exceptional, lord knows it’s a tough old station these days if you are a musician so hats off to you all. Fucking brilliant.

The Vagina Lips – This Is A Good Life (InnerEarRec)

Yes, well the “provocatively named” (as it says in the press release) project is the solo-vehicle of Thessaloniki-based Jimmy Polioudis. “This Is A Good Life” is from the LP “Generation Y”. It’s all pulsating electronics, frenetic, coiled guitars and runaway train percussion. The mood belies the title because there ain’t nothing good about this life – this is dark, on the edge of a nervous breakdown in some really beautiful kind of way because this song is quite extraordinary, a rush of energy and feeling that wins you over in seconds. File under C for Class.

Tsvetochnyui 15. Un Décompte.

Many years ago I went to Jamaica and spent a couple of great weeks hanging around a little town called Port Antonio with a langer from Cork, Danny DeVito’s agent and a Swiss guy who came 5th in the World Disco Dancing Championships. The local nightclub was called “The Roof” and our Swiss friend would say every evening “Let’s hit The Roof” (oh how we laughed). Well, one night as I sat in the corner, sipping languidly on my Pina Colada, an exceptionally beautiful woman took a seat beside me. She turned and said, “You remind me of that actor from the Jame Bond movies”. Chuffed and not a little surprised, but making allowances for the dark nightclub ambience, I replied “Roger Moore?”. “No, the other one – Jaws” (look it up).

So, listen, a slight digression but something of the atmosphere in the new single “Un Dècompte” by Tsvetochnyui 15 brought me back to Moonraker. I’m hypnotised. The film is completely enthralling, menacing, touched by madness and beauty.The camera loves his face, floating, lost in space. It’s a countdown, but to what? Salvation or desecration? You tell me. I watch it again and again. I’m a hopeless case. This is astonishing.

New Silver Girl : Starlight City (Solitimusic)

Running on a ridiculously catchy, sinuous bassline and a motorik beat, the Berlin-bound “Starlight City” by New Silver Girl is my night train to nirvana. This was recorded at the legendary Hansa studios and, (as we said about their last single “Phantom Ride”) it really shows. The understated organ and sparse arrangement just add to the atmosphere, and the velvety guitar solos are the almonds on the bienenstich! [You’re fired. Ed.]

Juniore – Magnifique (Outré Disques/Burger Records)

Juniore channels Blow-Up, sixties French pop, Audrey Hepburn singing “Moon River”, Peggy Lee, Tarantino-esque guitars (is there such a thing? You know what I mean) and wraps it up in an utterly irresistible package courtesy of the production by Samy Osta (La Femme, Feu! Chatterton). Doo Wop Doo Wop Do Woo, I’m feeling pretty moved.

THE PERFECT KISS – Talking To Myself (Elefant Records)

Joe Moore returned with “Talking To Myself” taken from mini-LP “Filter”. THe Ba-bow ba bow backing is insanely catchy, doesn’t it remind you of Dolce Vita” by Ryan Paris? Yes, it’s a perfect hit, retro electronics+Italo-disco=SWITLOVE.

Los Hermanos Cubero – Lo Que Ni Yo Soñara (El Segell del Primavera)

Los Hermanos Cubero produce a wonderful hybrid of Castilian folk and American roots music.”Lo Que Ni Yo Soñara” is a grief-tinged balad, heartfelt and beautifully played, Enrique Cubero’s vocals are powerful and affecting. The song is from the LP ““Quique dibuja la tristeza” which Enrique wrote in response to the untimely death of his wife from cancer and it is a record suffused with as much beauty as grief. It is a must listen.

Clay Hips feat. Beth Arzy – Disappointed (Annika Records)

Has disappointment ever sounded quite so sweet? Clay Hips and they’ve teamed up with uber-chanteuse Beth Arzy, turning the lush factor up to 11. From the joyful LP “Happily Ever After”. “I wish you’d learn to shut your mouth.” Ah yes.

Little Ugly Girls – Jimmeh (Chapter Music)

Exquisitely fucking beautiful and joyous performance of “Jimmeh” by Little Ugly Girls. This is why we love music.

Mickey – Trampoline

The Slovakian brothers returned with a tale that wouldn’t be out of place on “Better Call Saul”. Another great tune, a heart of pure pop hides some very clever production indeed. Different without being in any way difficult, these guys are super talented. From the equally arresting LP “Overtime”. Check it.

Kama Aina & Hochzeitskapelle: Wayfaring Suite 02 (alientransistor)

This is a bit special. Hochzeitskapelle are the seemingly ubiquitous Markus and Micha Acher, Mathias Götz, Alex Haas, and Evi Keglmaier – known via various other bands including The Notwist, Le Millipede, Unsere Lieblinge and Mrs. Zwirbl. The music they produce in their various incarnations is a constant delight for us here in SWIT Towers. “Wayfaring Suite 02” is no exception. It has a gorgeous, low-slung melody, the brass, in particular, is resplendent and the overall mood is that of an elegy for a beloved friend, tinged with both sorrow and joy. The video is a charming tale of the band playing together and recording the piece.

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