SWIT’s Super 70 – The Best of 2018 Chapter 5

Right, we are entering the home straight on our 2018 Top Top Top Tunes, here are another 10 (we call that a SWIT’s dozen). Only 20 left to go.
I’m lost in a forest of mistletoe.

Eugene Delta feat. Bitten By – Bridges Burn

Darker in tone than earlier work, the voices are tinged with sadness, the track is underscored with ominous synths and heartbeat percussion. The beautiful strings on the finale only increase the sense of pathos. The interplay of the two vocalists is mesmerising, the contrast delicious.
The song is a collaboration with Bitten By, the synthpop solo project of Austrian artist Patricia Ziegler. Vienna-based Ziegler prefers to work with electronic sounds, loops and synthesisers.

THE LAST DETAIL – Fun Fair (Elefant Records)

I couldn’t stop listening to this, it’s perfect pop. Beautifully paced, wonderfully produced, a kind of unsettling daydream made real. Breathy vocals, wonderful sixties-ish ba-da-da harmonies and as sweet as it is short, 2.59 – my favourite number. As good as a great Kinks tune. Yes, that good! The Last Detail is a collaboration between Erin Moran (A Girl Called Eddy) and Mehdi Zannad (FUGU).

Catenary Wires – Was that Love?

The Catenary Wires is Amelia Fletcher and creative partner Rob Pursey, formerly of Talulah Gosh, Tender Trap and more. “Was That Love?” is a fragile, wistful ballad. The song is a warm, melancholy embrace and displays the duo’s melodic instincts to wonderful effect.

Crush – Quicksand (Numavi Rec)

Big-hearted, joyful pop now from Graz’s Crush. Can we call it Rollerskate indie? Can we call it the echoing sound of an endless summer? Taking the finer elements of fifties garage bubblegum pop, Martha and The Muffins, The B52s and all that good shit and producing Quicksand (Chairoplane) is something to be very proud of! From the LP “Sugarcoat” which is full of great tunes just like this one.

Peonies – Haliho (Banana nanaba)

Haliho is not only a beautifully cut slice of shoegazing, glitter-popping jangle, but is combined with probably the cutest music video I’ve ever seen. Set hearts to melt.

XD Pro ft Tej Gill – “Crown & Coke” (JioSaavn)

I doubt you’ll hear anything else like this today, producers XD PRo team up with top man Tej Gil from Punjab to lay down some chilled Indian beats. Addictive.

Wrong Body – Always There (CUT SURFACE)

This is just superb. Mournful, sweet and echoing, pulsing electronics and majestic vocals. Might be the pick of the bunch, Cut Surface is releasing some fabulous music at the moment. Wrong Body is the new project of Dino Spiluttini. Currently, he’s living in Vienna, working as musician, producer & visual artist.

Nah… – Summer’s Failing (Fadeaway Radiate)

Want to hear some sublime, guitar-jangled pop music? Of course you do, well take a listen to this, it’s called “Summer’s Failing” by Nah… Nah are Sebastian Voss and Estella Rosa (from our other favourite blog Fadeawayradiate) and this is was their first single. SWIT fav Kenji Kenji shows up on vocals here as well, what more could you want?

Montero – Running Race (Chapter Music)

Great song by the multi-talented Montero. This is Running Race from tyhis year’s Performer LP. As a reference think Beatles,Beach Boys,XTC and Pugwash, All the greats. This really does deserve the maximum 350 SWITS out of 350. Wonderful viddy too by Sean McAnulty.

B.Fleischmann – There is a head (morr music)

The man himself says – I often have the feeling, that my music is located between the chairs “club “and “art“. So the song means to me: look where you are – and maybe you are happy with it – where do you want to go and where would that finally lead to. What I see in the video is what happens, if we lose control over our thoughts and get crazy in games or thinking. We say it’s a cracker.

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