SWIT’s Super 70 – The Best of 2018 Chapter 4

Yan Wagner – Abstinence (Pschent Music)

Dark, addictive electro-pop from Yan Wagner. Clever bastard isn’t he? You’ll be humming this all day. It’s from the brilliant “Forty Eight Hours” LP.

UTO – (The) No Song (Pain Surprises)

SWIT favourites UTO bring us their deconstructed nothingness with (The) No Song. Dangerously brilliant.

Kraków Loves Adana – Rapture (Better Call Rob)

These guys are simply one of the greatest acts we’ve discovered since starting SWIT a Few(!) years back. The song is exceptional, the video is wonderful and the dancing is genius. (It’s nice to see Robert strutting his stuff too). Move the furniture, stick it on loud and go for it guys. 10 SWITS out of 10.

The Other End – Far From Home

Far From Home” is a brooding, lovelorn hymn to separation and loss. The sparse, echoing landscape of the song is haunted by one of the finest vocal performances I’ve heard of late. Set spines to tingle.

The Suncharms – Red Dust (Slumberland Records)

“Red Dust” was the first new song by the band in 27 years! It’s a dreamy, distorted tune, that meanders into view, picks up the pace and then disintegrates into a wonderfully hazy sci-fi fantasy. We love it.

GRAND VEYMONT – Bois Barbu (Objet Disque)

The bearded wood, the bearded would and even the unbearded would too. And why not with music as good as this? Take a trip through space and time with “Bois Barbu” sounds simultaneously old and new, it’s a heady mix of Krautrock, The Doors and sylvan folk to name but a few of the alluring ingredients. It’s a bitches brew, it’s an experimental milieu, its green, it’s blue, it’s true, it’s [that’s enough “brew” rhymes. Ed.]…anyway you get the picture. Get on it.


Microscope is urban and urbane, I hear echoes of seventies Motown and SKA, of rainy city streets at night, of satellites beaming back coded messages of hope across the empty miles. Make no mistake, this is sophisticated, clever, multi-layered music, yet it sounds completely effortless and as light as a feather. The lead vocals by Lisa are sublime and the animated video by Hans Jakob Gohr (Composition & CGI) and Nakama Mara (illustration), echoes, illuminates and amplifies the song.

Post Lovers – Tiger (InnerEarRec)

Eleni Karageorgou is a truly gifted songwriter. Tiger is a melodic, lo-fi, kinda garage, kinda surf kinda wonderful tune.

Orouni – Nora (Naked)

“Nora (Naked)” is another beautiful vignette written by our man Rémi Antoni. It captures the awakening and departure of Nora, the protagonist of Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”, no mean feat in 3-minute pop tune and another illustration of the craft of Orouni. It also strikes a modern chord given the #MeToo movement, new light through old windows if you will. I am rather taken with the video, directed by Shanti Masud. Emma Broughton proves herself a natural in front of the camera as well as behind the microphone.

Lonesome Hot Dudes – Obey (CUT SURFACE)

Agitpop blooms in the fields of Graz. Here is Obey by in your face, anti-capitalism, anti-fascist, pro-tune, pro-noise, super pro-saxophone BAND OF RESISTERS that go by the name Lonesome Hot Dudes. Sounding wonderfully untamed, discordant, caustic, direct and downright funny – this is music made with real feeling and a joy for creation.

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