SWIT’s Super 70 – The Best of 2018 Chapter 3

10 more 2018 toppers from SWIT, every one a gem.

Benz – The Smile (Feverish)

We absolutely loved “The Smile”, the dreamy, ethereal single by Benz, the solo project of Ebba Salomonsson. When we found out that Video directed by Ebba Gustafsson Ågren, from those other SWIT favourites Wy, well that just put the tin hat on it.

Tahiti 80 – My Groove

“My Groove” starts and ends with pigeons cooing, and coo they might because the masters came back with this single, a perfectly formed sunshine-filled slice of pop that has the indelible Tahiti 80 je ne sais quoi . Nice video also by Valerian7000.

Daphne and the Fuzz – Space and Sound (Inner Ear)

Space and Sound by Daphne and the Fuzz is the extra-terrestrial love song that 2 AM writes to the moon. Is the moon smote? Damn right it is.

No Mightier Creatures – No Light

“No Light”, by Peru’s No Mightier Creatures, is built on an insistent, urgent guitar groove, it grabs you by the scruff of the neck and won’t let you go. The delivery is clipped, sharp and cold. It’s controlled but barely. What lies inside? What lies beneath? The bleak “Majority says no immigrants here”? Think, I suppose, The Fall, Television and VU but”No Light” stands up on its own merits, of which there are many.

Color Dolor – Running in the Dark (Soliti Music)

I really love ‘Running in the Dark’so much, it’s such a deceptively simple, affecting and soulful song, and the best thing I’ve heard by Color Dolor so far. The guitar is lovely and combined with the most wonderful, distinctive vocals, lots of clever percussive touches and atmospheric shout-outs, it adds a little warmth to my heart and a little chill in my bones. The video is in perfect sympathy with the song, a clever, straightforward concept, beautifully executed. File under “class’.

Matilda – Encandilados

We were well taken with the rather wonderful video out for “Encandilados”, originally from their 2016 LP ” El río y su continuidad”. The song is all pulsating beats, high-pitched trumpet-like keyboards and even a little bit on Enio Moricone/Shadows thrown in for good measure. Highly addictive, consider us dazzled.

Voodoo Beach – Ozean (Späti Palace)

Dark, primitive and unsettling, Ozean was the lead track from the new EP by Berlin’s Voodoo Beach. The minimalist arrangement allows the individual elements to shine through the delicious gloom the band creates – the swamp-rock rhythm section, mysterious guitar lines and Verita Vi’s eerie, ice-cold vocals just make this irresistible, another great band on Späti Palace! The video by Philipp Klinger is just about perfect too and was made with the support of Thiem Film Service.

ANNABEL LEE – Black Pudding (Luik Records)

“Black Pudding” blows the bloody doors off, it’s fast, and furious, driven by some virtuoso, speed-demon guitar playing. It’s just fantastic. and how many songs mention black pudding and Brussels sprouts? Not many, that’s how many. The video is a joyful riot too.


“Third Hand” from the superb album “Home” by POSTMAN, it’s another perfectly poised art-rock cut from one of the best bands we’ve heard since we opened the auld SWIT.

A Slice Of Life – Restless Gods

The Restless Gods are coming our way and they’re here to stay’…I could have sworn for a minute that it was David Bowie doing a nixer from Tin Machine. Excellent work on the mixing desk from Koenraad Foesters. It’s a killer tune and the ominous video makes it pretty clear what they are talking about too.

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