SWIT’s Super 70 – The Best of 2018 Chapter 2

Here we go, ten more super world indie tunes that tickled our fancy (is that still legal?) in 2018. Enjoy!

Spirit Fest – Anohito (Morr Music)

Everything we’ve come to expect from Spirit Fest – warm, gentle, melodic and wistful, it’s also extremely more-ish. Songcraft of the highest order.


Falling Out Of Love is a multi-layered electronic pulse, peppered with sharp beats and lovely little keyboard riffs. Kristina’s vocals are sublime, touched with sadness and the interplay with the backing vocals gives it a conversational aspect and added poignancy.

Rottenheim – Everything (Feverish)

The song is a doomy minor miracle. Ghostly vocals echo across low-key guitar and haunting electronica. The swirling piano motif that swells up around 2.30 adds a certain feeling of majesty to proceedings.

Her Skin – Cut Out the Flowers (We Were Never Being Boring collective)

Here is the gently sad, beautiful sung, folk-tinged “Cut Out the Flowers” by Her Skin. Love the understated touches – the keyboard, the whistling (the whistling!) and the little electrical shocks.

GAUPA – The Drunk Autopussy Wants to Fight You

Story of my life, but perhaps not in the way of “The Drunk Autopussy Wants To Fight You” by GAUPA – let’s be honest here, is the best song title we’ve had on SWIT bar none. Even better – this rollicking kick in the arse, angry and beautiful song more than lives up to it. She’s so heavy, oh yes. The guitars are prime, the vocals sublime and the video is primetime. It ends with the quite devastating “You’re so ugly under your disguise”.

Grrrl Gang – Dream Grrrl (Kolibri Rekords)

She, she’s got a mean streak
She can kick your ass
Yeah, she can be your dream girl
She can be your dream girl

Another lo-fi gem from Indonesia. Lrrrrrrrve it.

Voyageur – Tout commencera

At once sad and uplifting, both eulogy and hymn, “Tout commencera” is a beautiful, simple, affecting performance. The vocals are outstanding and may bring a tear to your eye. The accompanying film is quietly outstanding too (if such a thing is possible). Voyageur is Rémi Lelièvre and he is class.

Heroine – Autoroute (Dagobert Pop Session)

Everything about “Autoroute” is brilliant, jagged/explosive guitars; shuddering/frenetic electronics, the upfront nagging bassline and the urgent vocals all combine to make this one of my songs of the year, superb performance here too!

Bruno Belissimo – Boloña Baleárica (La Tempesta)

Whatabouthis?!? Balearic to the the tips of it’s beautifully-manicured toes, the magical sax signature just takes it to a completely different level. We love Bruno! The video is pretty class too.

The Fisherman and his Soul – On the Shore

“On The Shore” is a real grower, it’s a gently pulsing, rhythmic delight. The whispered, almost not-there vocals add another layer of mystery, like the memory of a half-remembered dream. More an exercise is sound that melody, it’s got the feel of a travelogue, It’s hypnotic, once it lulls you in it doesn’t really let go.

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