SWIT’s Super 70 – The Best of 2018 Chapter 1

Well, it’s that time of year again when we choose the best of the best, and serve up our Super 70 for 2018, picked from the literally billions of songs we have listened to and, in many ways, have listened to us. Here’s the first batch of bitchin’ tunes that melted our spoons.

The BV’s – Every Story Is A Ghost Story (Cloudberry Records)

Another beautiful lo-fi masterpiece from those jangling SWIT favourites The BV’s. It’s a wistful, regret-tinged slow-mo delight and has a lovely touch of organ towards the end.

Clémentine March & Blue House – A Ticket For the London Necropolis Railway

“A Ticket For The London Necropolis Railway” is the quintessential sugar-coated pill, a sweet, breezy melody wrapped around the rather morbid tale of a dedicated train packed with dead people and their mourners. Their destination: the cemetery.

Ay Wing – Strange

We love freaks and geeks here at SWIT HQ, so it was with much delight, nay mirth even that we swayed deliciously to this rather brilliant electro-pop tune from Berlin-based Ay Wing. It’s a bit of a piss-take on our obsession with image in the age of Instagram and all that shite. It’s deceptively simple, with a hook to die for, two listens and you’ll be singing it all day. Loving the bonkers video too. Class all round.

Loma – Joy (Sub Pop)

Joy is contemplative, reverential, dramatic and simply beautiful. The vocals are wonderful. So, it was the first reason to love Loma and the first song that I had heard by them, I’ve heard a lot more since. Great band.

Tuath – I’m Sorry Young Man.

A tripped-out echo-chamber suffused with regret. It’s heavy on the miracle Harry. It’s a come-down special. It’s the last night in Prague when the fridge is talking to you and your Aran sweater is issuing veiled threats. It’s another brilliant tune from Ireland’s best band.

Big Sky Country – Still in the Back of My Mind (10 Fingers)

Lovely ballad here from Big Sky Country. The harmonies are great, and there’s such a feeling of space between the instruments, the touches of brass and the unusual song structure is carried off with great skill. All in all something very special indeed.

The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness – Nervous Man

Sounds like an orchestra of glorious 12 string Rickenbacker guitars. Reference points- Byrds,Big Star and Teenage Fanclub.

The Churchhill Garden – Bittersweet (feat. Krissy Vanderwoude)

How could SWIT not fall head over heels in love with “bittersweet”? – as it is an incredibly beautiful song. Shimmering, echoing, multi-layered, all the usual adjectives apply. I generally prefer my pop tunes to come in at around 3 minutes but given the raw emotions on display here and the way the song builds and shifts like the tides pulled towards to the moon, well frankly Mr. Shankly I could listen to this forever. Krissy Vanderwoude’s vocals are wonderful, suffused with feeling and not a little sadness.

Paulina Palmgren – “Fånet” (Birds Records)

Hailing from Uppsala, this is sophisticated Scandi-pop from Paulina. This is exactly what classic pop music should sound like – catchier than the common cold and way more fun.

Beatrice Antolini – Forget To Be (La Tempesta)

Yes, it’s the wonderful and wildly inventive “Forget To Be” by Beatrice Antolini on our favourite Italian label, La Tempesta. Beatrice performs synths, piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice and electronic programming and arrangement. Wow! What a fucking tune! Worth another 4 or 5 martinis at least. Love the video too, directed and edited by Filo Baietti.

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