Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: We premiere Australian Girl by LEOPRRRDS

LEOPRRRDS – Australian Girl. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day – 23.11.2018.

3rd time on SWIT for LEOPRRRDS and we are delighted and excited to premiere their new tune “Australian Girl” on Späti Palace. The Berlin-based trio (now a quatro?) have produced this sweet, rambling epic, a cautionary tale based on real-life experiences. We meet wild horses, indulge in some wild swimming and hack our way through some thorny brambles along the way. There’s some pretty fine dancing at the end of the video too. Sweet vocal harmonising stretches across a fine indie backdrop of sharp guitars and rattling rhythm section that makes you want to listen again and again. The lyrics are clever and funny too, with that little touch of pathos that all the great songs have.

The band say “‘Australian Girl’ is an honest-to-god, inspired by real events, tribute to all the tough girls in the world. Girls holding it together, girls desperately pretending everything is fine. With this anthem we wanna say, hey, it’s ok to show the cracks in the facade.” We couldn’t agree more.

Leoprrrds are :
Victoria Larsson – bass and voice
Maya Shenfeld – guitar and voice
Ian Tilling – drums and voice

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