SWITing with the Center Of The Universe

SWIT’s LP Of The Week

Here’s the new(ish) LP from SWIT fav Center Of The Universe. Jørgen Skjulstads teams up with a number of artists via Metronomicon Audio, the delightfully strange Norwegian creative collective he is a part of to give us “Singing with the Center of the Universe”. Yeah, it’s a bit like one of those all-star collaborations famous people do when they are short of a buck, the crucial difference being it’s not shit. The record features some artists we know and love (S.L.Y.C. and Nikki Oniyome) as well as a plethora of others new to us. The instrumentation is exceptional across the record. Center Of The Universe brings a warm organic feel to electronic music that few others can achieve. The songs are teeming with clever, catchy keyboard riffs. There are a couple of pretty funky numbers – “I feel heat” and “Boogie down”. “…the rest is history” is redolent of the kasbah, and has those wonderful folk-tinged vocals, it’s just a great song. “Leave this field empty” is painted with sadness and regret, another lovely performance from Nikki Oniyome. Normal Barley is suitably off-kilter, any relation ot Nathan? Barry Kavanaugh makes you glad you missed that call. “Equalizer” builds to a delightful denouement. The opener “Sages” sets out their stall nicely, with some lovely keyboard interplay and thought-provoking lyrics. I should have probably stated there, but nevermind, overall it’s a damn fine record.


Sages – Justin Paton
…the rest is history – S.L.Y.C.
Missed call of Cthulhu – Barry Kavanagh
I feel heat – Koppen
Boogie down – Ost En
Leave this field empty – Nikki Oniyome
Normal barley – Andre Borgen

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