Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Vagina Lips have never sounded so good.

Vagina Lips – This Is A Good Life. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day – 01.11.2018

photo by Leah Miza

Vagina Lips. Yes. I have to admit Vagina Lips was/were not on my agenda when I woke up this morning. Still, what’s that old saying “When life gives you Vagina Lips..” [that’s enough innuendo. Ed.]err…um..yes well the “provocatively named” (as it says in the press release) project is the solo-vehicle of Thessaloniki-based Jimmy Polioudis. “This Is A Good Life” is the new single, from forthcoming LP “Generation Y” on Inner Ear Records, out November 12th. It’s all pulsating electronics, frenetic, coiled guitars and runaway train percussion. The mood belies the title because there ain’t nothing good about this life – this is dark,  on the edge of a nervous breakdown in some really beautiful kind of way because this song is quite extraordinary, a rush of energy and feeling that wins you over in seconds. File under C for Class.

[At least you didn’t say “We give Vagina Lips the thumbs up”. Ed.]

YouTube Best of 2018

Cover photo by Panos Andreou.

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