A SWIT Special Feature – Reverse Play: C86 re​(​dis​)​covered.

We loved the “I Remember That​!​: 12 sophistipop tunes quoted out of context” compilation that fadeawayradiate put out last year. Now they are back with a new one – “Reverse Play: C86 re​(​dis​)​covered”. Estella Rosa says “The idea for this compilation was to be a C86 theme! Not strictly C86 as to what was on the tapes, but more as a genre. Think bands like the Wake, BMX Bandits, Brighter, Heavenly, McCarthy etc.

As it happens, many of the band and songs covered are absolute favourites of mine, harking back to my formative years from a musical point of view. So many memories. Whilst the record has been in my inbox for a while I’ve only managed to listen to it end-to-end today. I can say it’s simply delightful – there are 15 songs on here, all lovingly reworked, respectful to the originals but never slavishly so. I’d say I’ve never heard of at least half the bands featured until now, regardless all do a bang-up job both in terms of song choice and execution, there isn’t a track here you would skip over. Some of the highlights for me are Whimsical’s slightly ramshackle version of “Crash”, Krissy’s vocals, as usual, are simply beautiful. The Death of Pop gives “Kill Kill Kill Kill” a magical Blue Oyster Cult-ish makeover that just works so well. Pia Fraus breathe new and elegant life into “Nothing To Be Done”. Nah continue to blossom with the delightfully shimmery “As Years Go By”. Ed Ling’s folky “Velocity Girl” is breath-taking, then again it is one of the best songs ever written. Does it sound a bit like Simon & Garfunkle or am I dreaming? I think my personal favourite is another masterful guitar pop classic. That’s “Destroy The Heart” by Distant Creatures. It’s rough around the edges in a really cool way and the female vocals add another dimension altogether. Top class! We liked it so much we put together a YouTube playlist of the originals too.

The only online clip we could find of the BMX Bandit’s tune was here here

There was a limited-edition tape available but it sold out in seconds. Hey, maybe they’ll do another batch?

That tracklist in full

The Catherines – Emma’s House (Field Mice)
Whimsical – Crash (The Primitives)
The Death of Pop – Kill Kill Kill Kill (McCarthy)
The Arctic Flow – If You Need Someone (Field Mice)
Pia Fraus – Nothing To Be Done (The Pastels)
Softer Still – I Don’t Think It Matters (Brighter)
Sun Kin – The Center of my Little World (Another Sunny Day)
Okama Flannel Boy – Groovy Good Luck Friend (BMX Bandits)
Dayflower – Pristine Christine (Sea Urchins)
Nah… – As years Go By (Friends)
Distant Creatures – Destroy The Heart (House of Love)
Lancaster – Unfair Kinda Fame (The Pastels)
The Fisherman and His Soul – Dalliance (The Wedding Present)
The Skating Party – Hello Rain (The Softies)
Ed Ling – Velocity Girl (Primal Scream)

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