Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: We premiere What Scares You by WHOLE

WHOLE – What Scares You. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day – 14.10.2018

WHOLE is a Berlin duo made up of SWIT fav Alexander Leonard Donat (Blackjack Illuminist Records) and Thomas Schernikau. They release their new LP “BIAS” on October 19th. We are delighted to premiere “What Scares You” from the record. It’s an ominous, glitchy exploration of just that. The song blends discordant electronics, chanted, eerie vocals and stuttering percussion to effect a helter-skelter psychological- thriller soundtrack. The tune creates a genuine sense of unease, we recommend playing with the lights on. Donat and Schernikau emailed each other their song ideas and sketches and completed the project over a period of two years. Given the quality of “What Scares You” we are really looking forward to the hearing the LP in its entirety.

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