Super World Indie Tune(s) Of The Day: Under the counter with Johnny Geiger

Johnny Geiger – Fit/wine. Super World Indie Tunes Of The Day – 11.10.2018

We received a communication from Eva Teissl, it went like this. “I like your page, I like the music you promote. So here s my song: greetings from Linz / Austria! ”

I stared at it for a while, I liked the succinct style. I liked the sentiment. I listened and I liked the song (Fit) by Eva’s alter ego Johnny Geiger a lot. Echoing, mysterious with some lovely chiming guitars and slightly distorted vocals, it’s a thing of understated beauty. Think of ghosts and empty verandas. Just to keep our house in order we also added the video for “wine” to our Youtube playlist, because we think Johnny Geiger should be everywhere.

I stared at the email for a while longer and I realised Eva’s name was familiar to me, and sure enough, it is she from SWIT favourites POSTMAN. That made the whole thing even better.

YouTube Best of 2018

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