Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Tahiti 80 get into the groove and we certainly approve

Tahiti 80 – My Groove. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day – 05.10.2018

foto by Sylvain Marchand

“My Groove” starts and ends with pigeons cooing, and coo they might because the masters are back with a new single, a perfectly formed sunshine-filled slice of pop that has the indelible Tahiti 80 je ne sais quoi . Nice video also by Valerian7000.

The tune is from Tahiti 80’s new LP ”The Sunshine Beat Vol.1″. The album is imagined as a compilation of hit singles, possibly even from different bands and is released in Europe on the 12th of October via Human Sounds. It’s a clever conceit and an audacious move for it gives Tahiti 80 a lot to live up to and could have left Xavier Boyer and the band with egg on their faces. Thankfully, having listened to the record I can say the pull it off with ease, it’s a sparkling collection and indeed you can imagine every song as a stand-alone chart-topper. Speaking of eggs, we can definitely say it’s a cracker and well worth shelling out for.

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