Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: The luminous beauty of Distance, Light & Sky

Distance, Light & Sky – Slowed It To A Stop. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day -23.09.2018

“with practice, we all break the same”

I love the sound, the atmosphere of “Slowed It To A Stop”, it’s a widescreen miracle. Listen to the careworn voices, the stunning percussion and just the room to roam the song evokes. Sure, it’s got some regrets but all the best songs do, It’s a folktale for modern times, big music with a big heart.

Distance, Light & Sky are Chris Eckman (of The Walkabouts), Chantal Acda (Sleeping Dog, True Bypass) and avant-jazz percussionist Eric Thielemans (of the EARR Ensemble). “Slowed It To A Stop” is from their forthcoming album, “Gold Coast” which will be out Nov 2nd on Glitterhouse Records! A mouthwatering prospect!

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