Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Montero is a musical Pharaoh, he’s as narrow as a sparrow dancing a bolero*

Montero – Quantify. Super World Indie Tunes Of The Day -17.09.2018.

Reaching back to August for the simply superb “Quantify” by Montero, from the LP “Performer” out now on Chapter Music. It’s just fabulous – it’s a seventies/eighties-themed electronic masterpiece, all ominous synths, dry ice vocals and references to hanging about at the Berlin Wall. YES! The animated vid by Helena Papageorgiou is proper gorgeous too! Tune of the day? Tune of the fucking century more like.

Accomplished visual artist and main man Ben Montero is from Melbourne but is based in Athens, Greece. His band comprises members of Greek bands Acid Baby Jesus and Voyage Limpid Sound and you know what huge fans we are of all things Greek here at SWIT.

*that’s a good thing.

YouTube Best of 2018

Spotify Best of 2018

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