Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Raise a glass to Lachlan Denton

Lachlan Denton – “Drinking”. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day -13.09.2018.

I doubt a song could better capture the mood I have found myself in on so many dark nights of the soul when my only friend was a bottle of gin, or whiskey, or vodka or a crate of beer or a few bags of wine, meths…Buckfast…[I draw the line at Buckfast. Ed.]. Anyway Lachlan Denton’s “Drinking” is a beautiful, country-tinged lovelorn ballad and I guess if you like Lloyd Cole or Ron Sexsmith you’ll love this and frankly, I could listen to it forever if I wasn’t so drunk. It’s from the LP “Two Months In Ben Woolley’s Room” which will be released on vinyl on the 21st of September by Bobo Integral, the smallest record label in Spain (that’s some boast). You can stream the LP now in all the usual places (living room, bathroom, bedroom, funeral parlour, butchers etc.)

Isn’t that LP cover just wonderful?

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