Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Emil Duvier dawns on SWIT

Emil Duvier – Early Light. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day -11.09.2018.

A homage to the dawn, the quiet, introspective opening to “Early Light” soon blossoms into a lovely comedown tune with sweet electronic touches and chilled beats, never losing its sense of space. If that were that, you might say “nice song” and pass on by but then about three minutes in it veers off in an altogether unexpected direction, the beats break down and lose syncopation, the electronics take on an ominous undertow and the fragmented vocals sound lost, alone. The change of pace is beautifully reflected in the video. There’s definitely a ghost in this machine.

The song is from Emil’s debut LP called “Pieces” which has just been released on No Technique, looking forward to hearing more. Check it out below

YouTube Best of 2018

Spotify Best of 2018

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