Super World Indie Tunes Of The Day: Scratch a dog and you’ll have a job for life

Oh Geronimo – For The Dogs. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day – 10.09.2018.

“Well, the reason that I love dogs
is I see myself in them,
and one day I aspire
to be half so genuine.
They have no idea how tragic,
yet profound is their lesson,
that nothing is more precious
than the loyalty of friends.”

You know beneath our rugged exteriors beat hearts of gold here at SWIT towers and we are suckers for a shaggy dog story. We’ve fallen head over heels for “For The Dogs”, a heartful indie ode to mankind’s best friends. This salute to our canine companions runs the gamut from cradle to grave and, frankly, brought a tear to my eye. Yesterday, it was Toy Story 3, now this – I’m falling to pieces I tell ya.

The band say “‘For The Dogs’ is directly inspired by our love for dogs, and the experiences we’ve shared with our own pets. Unfortunately, nature runs its course, and we usually end up outliving our companions, which is one of the hardest trials anyone can face. We hope this song sums up all of these feelings and makes you cherish your pets even more.’. Well, it certainly does and then some.

Oh Geronimo has partnered with Canadian dog-rescue charity Save Our Scruff for the release of this video and song and the video compilation (which is brilliant) features a number of wonderful rescued dogs. All proceeds generated by “For The Dogs” will go to support SOS and you can buy/ donate at the Bandcamp link below.

To celebrate the release of “For The Dogs,” the band will be playing a benefit concert at Toronto’s Supermarket on October 12. All proceeds generated from the show will also go to Save Our Scruff. And I’ll dedicate this to Tex, Gerry SWIT’s recent rescued dog addition to his own family. Here’s a photo – lovely isn’t he?

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