Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: We’ll take a Fisherman’s Friend over an Old Miner’s Lozenge any day

The Fisherman and his Soul – On The Shore. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day Tune Of The Day – 04.09.2018.

“On The Shore” is a real grower, it’s a gently pulsing, rhythmic delight. The whispered, almost not-there vocals add another layer of mystery, like the memory of a half-remembered dream. More an exercise is sound that melody, it’s got the feel of a travelogue, think early Simple minds or even “Driving Away From Home”, which it is strongly reminiscent in mood to for me. It’s hypnotic, once it lulls you in it doesn’t really let go. The song is from the forthcoming LP “Lakatos”. I’m pretty sure we won’t be Lakatos intolerant. [You’re fired. Ed].

Aha, I had made the observations above before I saw the video and there is Sebastian driving around in the rain 🙂

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